Who we HELP

Parents are the most important people in the world...after their children!  When life becomes more wonderful for parents, everyone benefits.

People from all walks of life benefit from our personal 1-to-1 counselling service.

Our Better Transportation clients are typically government agencies but we are open to working with any progressive organization.

Our Natural Building clients attend our workshops and want to reduce their footprint on our planet. Their diversity make our workshops so much richer!

Our Waste Reduction services are used by non-profit organizations as well as institutions, governments, and progressive businesses. We support many different festivals throughout the City by providing composting services, while our waste audit service is of value to any organization.

Our Computer Systems Support and Training clients are primarily non-profit organizations doing critical work to improve our society; they also receive a 50% discount! We only take on corporate clients that are also clearly doing this kind of work.

We also support individuals, home businesses and offer a Senior's discount, too!