What they SAY

 Here are some of the comments that our computer clients have made...  

"When it was time to upgrade my computer, Dave Olsen helped me navigate through the high-tech jungle to get the best set-up for my needs. He made sure everything worked, loaded all the software and peripherals, and patiently trained me on how to use a myriad of exciting new features. In addition to being a principled professional, Dave is also a wonderful person and a lot of fun to work with. He is worth every penny of his (very reasonable) fee."
Lorna Visser, Principal, Carmanah Strategies
Phone/Fax: 250-358-2722 / carmanah@xplornet.com

"We have worked with Dave Olsen for the past 10 years, and have been very impressed with both his understanding of our work and how he applies technology so that it can be used to advance our sanity (i.e., technology that works without much effort from us) and our vision. We highly recommend Dave for any small, medium or large business or NGO. He is professional, dependable and highly knowledgeable."
Doug Ragan, Senior Manager, Environmental Youth Alliance

Thank YOU for everything that you do for CPAWS. You've been a solid, resourceful, contientious and brilliant tech support person.  I have really valued and appreciated your work.

Chloe O'Loughlin, retired Executive Director for the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - BC Chapter

 This is what people who attended our Cob Workshops have said...  

"I enjoyed how you let us experiment and fail and learn on the fly." - Luke '11

"It was empowering! I really feel like in a short week like I can get going on building my own cob house!" - Jodi '11

"Transformative and empowering!" - Kate '10.
"Very instructive and hands-on." - Matt '10.

"You have no idea how excited I am that I now pretty much know how to build a house out of dirt." - Kate '10.

"Learning what we needed to know as we put it to practical use rather than spending a lot of time on theory was a useful approach for me." - Terry '09.

 Here's what parents have said after Parenting with an Open Heart...  

  • Superb! Thank you for all the resources.
  • I felt that the seminar was like an introduction to the majority of different concepts that together represent a natural, healthy way of parenting and living and then displayed how to apply these principles in a few specific real life examples by working through the scenarios each of us had brought.  Overall, it felt like a good way to introduce people to some new concepts and then give them some real meaning by going through the specific examples brought by each of us.
  •  I enjoyed how things flowed into each other and you appeared to let them naturally lead into what you had planned next, but also moved things along in order to get to the next topic when appropriate.  I enjoyed how you introduced it, followed with the more interactive part, and closed with a song. (and also invited any comments at any time).  I thought the closing song was great as it felt like it kinda opened up one’s heart more to the experience and getting feelings flowing so things were more open as a whole, and therefore more receptive.
  • food and snacks? Mmmmm, yum! Couldn’t have asked for better! Super yum and super yum because they were so healthy and energizing.
  • I especially appreciated your emails leading up to the seminar.  They gave me the impression that you were enthusiastic about the topic and really wanting people to come out and be engaged and that you were keen on building community, so that felt very welcoming.
  • I’m attracted to your seminars in hopes of connecting with a community of like-minded parents.