What we DO

Since 1994, ethical environmental consulting has offered a wide range of affordable services in and around Vancouver. Now we also offer our services on Vancouver Island and Lasqueti Island, too!

Our newest offering is for parents: a coaching series, either 1-to-1 or in a group setting, entitled "Parenting with an Open Heart." Please read much more by clicking here.

Better Transportation for us means getting around by foot, bike, and transit. We know this isn't possible for every trip for everyone (yet), but we also know that the vast majority of our society's resources have been used to create only one viable transportation network (guess which one!). We can help create safe, efficient, affordable -- and even fun -- transportation networks for all the other ways humans like to travel. Kyoto is already passé; not because our governments refuse to adhere to it but because it is nowhere near enough! We need a 94% reduction in CO2 and ethical environmental consulting can help make it easy to change our ways. Don't believe it? Check out these incredibly well researched excerpts from George Monbiot's book, Heat.

Fare-Free Transit is one relatively quick way we, in any small or large community, can reduce emissions and move folks more efficiently: you can read all about Fare-Free Transit on the Tyee.ca or on Alternet.org or on Planetizen.com. But if you just can't give up the flexibility of a single occupant vehicle, then contact us to help you create your own ultimate commuting machine and reduce your emissions by at least 94%!

Natural Building is another passion; we've been hosting Cob Building workshops on Lasqueti Island since 2007. Every summer we host workshops where you can learn all the basics and get hands-on experience with building techniques that are affordable, fun, safe, and about as efficient as human-powered building can get.

And if you simply want to start building naturally and need some help, please contact us and we'll help you in the way that works for you!

Our Waste Reduction services include waste audits (i.e, we figure out what your garbage really is and where it comes from) and tailor-made waste reduction strategies (which can save you thousands of dollars). Reducing your waste is not only wise, it is cost-effective!

Our Computer Systems Support is used by dozens of progressive organizations and individuals. We source, setup, and maintain office networks for Mac, Linux and Windows platforms. All aspects of home and office environments are supported, from the single user to linking and networking separate machines to installing and administering servers for many client machines. We help you save money by supporting Free and Open Source Software as well as all the common corporate offerings. And if you aren't 100% confident about your backup system, contact us - before it's too late!

Our Computer Training focuses on the individual's needs. We can train one-on-one or in group settings, whatever works best for your needs. We can help almost anyone get more out of all the common office applications, like email, web browsing, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and database design.

We can also help you without even stepping into your home/office by connecting to your computer(s) remotely while you watch and learn!  We'll work when it's convenient for you and you don't need to clean up a thing in preparation for our visit.  The technology is safe and secure and we'll ensure you know how to turn it on and off.

Contact us anytime via email or phone: 604-216-6700 or 877-873-1797.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you to help make our world a better place for all...